Roof tops help you generate energy right at the top of your building, thus minimizing expenditure and transmission losses. Smart Solar Solutionz is the first one to introduce roof-top project inseven cities and one sub-division of Bangalore.

Our MD, Mr. Rajendra Kulkarni, participated in workshop arranged by BESCOM, KREDLE and KERC for the net metering policy, before the policy was announced by Karnataka government.

We have worked on a variety of roofs; including flat roofs, tilted roofs, sheet roofs, tile roofs, concrete sheet roofs and area constraint roof. The system accessories used like the cables, connectors and switch boxes are of the finest quality to meet longer period of operation.

We offer turnkey projects on net metering and gross metering.

Here, in net metering your solar system remains tied to the grid which means you export surplus power to the grid during the day time, while use it from the grid during day and nights. Thus, you end up paying only for the difference in import and export. In cases where you generate surplus power, the electricity company pays you for your credits. How cool is that!

Here, in Gross metering your solar system remains tied to the grid and every unit produced from the system is paid by electricity distribution company, which means you are putting a generating station on your building!! It’s an opportunity to make a long term revenue source.

Smart Solar Solutionz also provides assistance in getting the permissions and required documentation work done from the electrical boards. Policies of government are subject change with time.

Mr. Aradhyamath, Haveri – 20 kW

Customer name : Mr. Aradhyamath

Place : Haveri

System size : 2 nos of 10kW

Area covered : 180sqMtr

This is one of the first few Net metering projects being commissioned under Karnataka solar roof top policy in Haveri city. Uniqueness about this project are,

  • It was first project to be commissioned in that city and in that subdivision.
  • The costumer had intent to construct civil building to get rental revenue. After discussion, he looked at investing in solar as alternative.
  • Time to deliver was kept for 20 days as the project was supposed to be completed in short time.
  • Structure design was done to help customer use roof for future use. Hence 7 feet clearance is given for easy moment.

Customer feedback: Job well done in time. Very much thankful for taking up EB approval works to ensure connecting system to grid.

Masanagi – 5 kW

Customer name : Mr. Sreenivas Kulkarni

Place : Masanagi

System size : 5kW

Area covered : 50sqMtr

This project was commissioned in the rural area of Masanagi in Karnataka. It gave a live demonstration of solar energy to the villagers who were otherwise deprived of the technology. This 5 kW project consisted of 20 modules of 250 Wp each erected on a concrete roof.