Smart Solar Solutionz is committed to make Solar power as in big option in every one’s life. We are introducing many solar products. We offer:

Solar street lights

Solar pumping systems

Home lighting systems

Solar fencing systems

Solar modules

Solar inverters

Other such similar independent appliances. These products are intended to cater to a particular purpose and provide clean solutions. They are small yet have a great utility. These are aimed at solving our day-to-day life problems in a renewable manner. Time to shunt off the dependency on grids for our street lighting or house-hold pumping systems!

The street lights are completely self-driven and have auto Dusk to Dawn ( day and night ) modes. Solar pumping systems proves to be a boon for the farmers who do not have to depend on the unreliable electrical supply that goes off frequently.

Home lighting systems include providing basic solar powered lighting facilities. Such systems are designed especially to work as plug-and-play machines.