35 kW on-grid system in Ranebennuru

Published in "Vijaya Karnataka", "Kannada Prabha" and "Samyukta Karnataka" dated 15th October 2015 this article speaks about the 35 kW on-grid system installed at Mr. Murugeshappa's cotton godown in Ranebennuru. It was the first project to be commissioned in this town. It was synchronised with the grid and commissioned under the HESCOM EE, Mr. N. C. Belakeri as a net-metered project. The project was designed keeping the fire hazards in mind. The project helped in introducing practical means of using solar power to the residents of Ranebennuru.

  • Solar awareness program

    As per instructions from the ex-Minister Mr. Udhashi, a solar awareness program was conducted in Hangal (constituency of the minister). The same was covered in newspapers "Vijaya Karnataka" and "Kannada Prabha". It helped in bringing a mass awareness on solar energy utility for the common man. Discussions also took place on the policies of the government and electricity board who facilitate the procedures of net-metering and gross-metering. The idea of saving on electricity bills as also earning some money from solar energy was lucrative for the audience. As we all know that, for any development in the field of technology to prove really useful, it has to reach the grassroots. This move definitely helped in reaching out to the small towns and villages in Karnataka and sharing knowledge about solar energy. Needless to say, within a short span of time after the event, Smart Solar Solutionz commissioned 2 gross-metering projects in Hangal.

  • Grid Connected System

    It is falsely rooted in everybody’s mind that grid connected systems never work in rural areas. "Vijaya Karnataka" had published this article on a project completed by Smart Solar Solutionz in a village in July 2015. In Karnataka, there are a few villages / sectors that come under "Niranthara Jyothi" scheme, which simply translates to "Assured power" by the Electricity Board. The combination of present scheme of "Net metering / Gross metering" and this scheme was a boon for farmers. This news created interest in many stake holders.

  • Government Recognition

    Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India and KPTCL has recognized Mr. Rajendra Kulkarni as the Resource Expert for Training Programs on Solar PV Grid Connected Power Plants. Such programs are being conducted in various cities across the country by NIESBUD, and MNRE, Govt. of India along with several local state Electricity Boards (EBs).

  • Speaker at the Workshop

    Mr. Rajendra was a speaker at the Workshop on Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV Systems conducted by Govt. of Karnataka in association with BESCOM. Thorough engineering knowledge and sound technical skills have always been at the heart of Smart Solar Solutionz.

  • Excellence Award

    Our MD, Mr. Rajendra Kulkarni has won the Wipro EcoEnergy Excellence Award for his outstanding contribution in putting together a solution for three different projects simultaneously during the period from April 2011 to June 2011.

  • Leaders’ Program in 2012

    Our MD, Mr. Rajendra Kulkarni was selected for the Wipro Leaders’ Program of 2012 where vertical leaders train employees for grooming them as leaders. Mr. Premji himself conducts the session to provide guidelines for upcoming leaders at M/s Wipro.