SMART SOLAR SOLUTIONZ is the brain child of Rajendra N Kulkarni. The firm was formed to give a technical edge to the complete finance driven Solar Industry. Vast experience in design of Hydro power plants, Biomass gasifiers, Distributed networks, Solar manufacturing, Solar project execution handling gives us an upper hand in optimizing the cost and reliability of system through design and cross-migration of knowledge from other power segments.

     We believe in creating a win-win situation for both, the customer as well as the company. We go out of box to ensure the projects are commissioned in time, within budget and with higher stability.

     We also intend to increase the awareness about Solar Energy in the masses; how people can simplify the usage of solar power as also earn some money out of it. It is rightly said that for any business to do really well, it has to build a trust in its customers. We wish to be the synonyms for ‘quality and reliability’ in our Solar Industry.

     We had completed 29 projects in our year of inception. We pioneered solar rooftop systems in 7 cities including 3 sub-divisions of Bangalore. We are also working on selling solar pumping systems without any aid from the government. We conduct training programs to induct more people in the Solar Industry as entrepreneurs and developers. The programs are associated with government agencies and NGOs to impart knowledge.


We want to bridge the Sun and electricity, leveraging on technology and innovation to reach 100MWp installation by 2022


We shall build good solar projects / products - at a Profit if we can - at a Loss if we must